Turkmenistan vs Germany

Turkmenistan Development Policy

Turkmenistan has so far not played a major role in international development cooperation. The main reason for this is the deep-rooted distrust of the Turkmenistan government towards the interference of international organizations in internal affairs. As a result, very few organizations were active in the country during Niyazov’s presidency. Since President Berdimuhamedov came to power, […]

Japan Attractions 3

Climate in Japan

Japan has six different climatic regions . These include Hokkaido, the west coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, the Central Highlands, the Seto Inland Sea, the Pacific region and the Ryukyu Islands. The climate is influenced by the rainy season Tsuyu , also known as the “plum rain “, in the summer months. During this […]

India - For All Senses 2

India Travel Package

The Jungle Book, The Phantom, Bollywood, colorful, spicy, populous, culture and nature beyond the ordinary. Much can be said about India and the best thing is to experience it for yourself. Feel the temperature difference from southern India to the north with Delhi and even further north out the southern border of the Himalayas. The […]