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Chile As a Destination Country

There is something for everyone in Chile, as the country hides stunning nature, beautiful beaches and fascinating cities. Read the tips for your holiday in the Beach Ball Destination Guide!

Chile charms with its versatility

Chile is a great backpacker and self-catering destination that takes time to show off all its wonders. The biggest challenge for the traveler is to choose the most interesting of all the attractive destinations. Packing a suitcase can also prove to be a challenge due to varying weather conditions.


Located on the west coast of South America, according to countryaah, Chile is a long and narrow country that covers more than half of the entire continent of South America. Thanks to its length, Chile can accommodate the most diverse natural conditions, from mountains and glaciers to the driest place in the world, the Atacama Desert, and lush valleys to the shores of the Pacific.

Short for CI by abbreviationfinder, Chile is a diverse tourist destination that offers endless opportunities especially for active holidaymakers, backpackers and adventure travelers. The capital Santiago de Chile is an almost must-see destination, at least when flying from abroad, but it’s also worth heading to other parts of the country, such as the Andes, vineyards, the Atacama Desert or national parks. The Easter Islands also belong to Chile.

In one of the most varied Chile, you can experience wonderful beaches, atmospheric cities and stunning nature in one holiday.

With the exception of the tropics, all climatic conditions are represented

Because Chile is such a country for a long time, the climate also varies greatly in different parts of the country. The climate in the north is typical of the desert, in the central parts the climate is Mediterranean and as we go south, rains become more common. In the very south of Patagonia the weather is cold and windy.

Chilean summer is Finnish in winter and winter in summer, respectively. Due to the varied climatic conditions, you can spend a beach holiday in Chile in summer and skiing in winter. You may have to pack both summer and winter clothes in the bag, depending on the time and destination of the trip.


Spanish skills required

Chile is a safe destination, but you should be careful about pickpockets. Earthquakes are common and volcanic eruptions are possible, so natural disasters should be considered when traveling.

Spanish is spoken in Chile and it is good to learn the basics of Spanish before you go on a trip. England is only doing well enough, in many places not at all.


The Easter Island of Chile has both stunning palm beaches and the famous moai statues.

In Chile, the distances are long

Finland usually flies to Santiago, which can be reached with one or more stopovers via several European cities. Prices for flights are from around 1,000 euros and up.

Of course, there are also many different levels of accommodation in Chile, from luxury hotels to cheap private accommodation. On a South American scale, Chile is not the cheapest to get there, but for Finns, Chile’s price level is affordable. So you can find good accommodation cheap.

The distances in Chile are long, so often the best way to move within the country is by air. Buses are also a good option, but you should set aside time for the trip. The rail network is limited. Renting your own car can be a viable option if you want to travel around the country independently. However, it is worth considering a faster transport culture than in Finland. Santiago also has a metro and bus service to major cities.


In addition to nature attractions, a holiday in Chile is also worth exploring the country’s urban attractions.

Wine tasting and hiking

For tourists interested in wines, Chile has numerous vineyards where you can visit and taste one of the best wines in the world. Vineyards can be found especially in the river valleys of the central parts of the country in the area between the Andes and the coastal region.

Those interested in hiking and nature walks will find a wide variety of options in Chile, ranging from the Andes Mountains, the deserts of the north, the forest and lake areas of the south, and unforgettable Patagonia. For the adventurer and nature traveler, Chile is a sure choice as a travel destination. The most famous hiking and trekking destinations are the Torres del Paine in Patagonia and the surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama, where, in addition to the driest desert in the world, you will find hot springs, volcanoes and salt fields populated by flamingos.

City break in Santiago and Valparaiso

The Chilean capital Santiago de Chile and the second largest city Valparaíso are two completely different cities, both worth a visit. Surrounded by mountains in the middle of the country, Santiago may seem dirty and noisy due to smog and traffic, but there are also many attractions worth visiting, such as churches, museums and lush parks, beneath the surface. And Santiago also lacks good food, drink and nightlife.


Located on the coast quite close to Santiago, Valparaíso is one of Chile’s most personal cities and has also been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valparaíso is a bohemian and artistic city with no major attractions other than the city itself and its architecture. However, the views from the top of the mountains are unforgettable, and the atmosphere of the city absorbs a suitable tourist traveling in a relaxed attitude.

Amazing moai statues of Easter Islands

Far away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Easter Islands are one of Chile’s most famous tourist destinations. The Easter Islands are known above all for their human-faced moai stone statues erected by ancient inhabitants around the island. The statues are several meters high and weigh up to tens of tons. There is still uncertainty about how they were originally put in place.

The Easter Islands are far from everything more than 3,200 kilometers off the coast of Chile and have only a few thousand inhabitants. In addition to the Moai statues, the island also offers nature tourism, water sports and horseback riding.


Torres del Paine National Park is one of Chile’s most spectacular natural sites.

Chile charms with its versatility

The most amazing Nature Attractions

  1. Torres del Paine National Park
  2. Atacama Desert
  3. Carretera Austral route
  4. Conguillío National Park
  5. Easter Island