Malawi Travel Package

Short for MW by abbreviationfinder, Malawi is affectionately known as the “Warm Heart of Africa”, for its beautiful natural scenery and its hospitable and friendly people. Sun and swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the heart of Africa. For most people, Malawi is an unknown destination, but those who find it here will find a paradise for nature lovers and romantics, botanists and bird watchers. An Africa with finesse and unexpected experiences. Nature is dramatically sculpted with sharp contrasts. In the north magnificent mountain massifs which in the south flatten out into fertile agricultural land and rainforest.


Nyika National Park

Northern Malawi, is located at more than 2000 meters above sea level and meets the visitor with cool winds. This is Malawi’s largest national park and the most densely populated leopard in all of Central Africa. However, the beautiful cat is shy and to see it requires patience and a large portion of luck. In addition to leopards, there are lots of different species of antelope, about 40 elephants and one species of Burchell’s zebra, which is endemic to the area.

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi dominates the map image, 600 km long and 80 km wide, and is the unifying link between the different parts of the country. The coasts are bordered by long sandy beaches, small fishing villages, lush greenery, beautiful rocky islands and romantic lodges. Around the lake there are beautiful cycling / hiking trails and the crystal clear water invites to snorkeling, diving, kayaking, sailing, fishing.

National Park

Located south of Lake Malawi on the Shire River, Livonde National Park is the country’s most famous national park. Elephant and saber antelope occur in large numbers, as do hippopotamus, crocodile, impala and waterbuck. A variety of bird species nest along the river slopes. African fish eagle, palmnut vulture, african shimmer and pel´s fishing owl are fairly common.

Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island is located in solitary majesty on an otherwise completely deserted tropical island. Five safari tents with double rooms and a family tent with four beds, all fully furnished and equipped with viewing decks, hammocks and a lush vegetation just around the corner. Dining room, bar and water sports facility – all dressed and decorated with timber, straw and canvas.


According to countryaah, Malawi is located in southeastern Africa and is about the same size as the Swedish provinces of Lapland and Ångermanland together. To the east and northeast is the large Lake Malawi, which occupies one-fifth of the country’s area.


The long, narrow Malawi extends in a north-south direction and the height differences within the country are large. This means that the climate varies greatly in different parts of Malawi.


Yes, applied in advance


Malawian kwacha MWK

100MWK = 1.17SEK


Chewa and English are official languages ​​as well as a dozen regional Bantu languages.


Mandatory – The yellow fever vaccination is required if you arrive from certain countries in Africa or South America, but it also happens that other travelers are also required to have a certificate from time to time.

Recommended – Malaria prophylaxis. Check with your vaccination center for personal needs.

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