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Places to Visit in Argentina

The huge Perito Moreno Glacier

Attending one of the world’s largest ice masses is probably not an experience most people expect to bring home when they travel to Argentina. But it is actually possible. Argentina is an immensely large country, and thus the weather conditions are also extremely variable.

While there is sun and summer in northern Argentina, it can be freezing cold on the southernmost tip of the country. Travel to the Land of Fire – a piece of Argentine land, separated from the mainland by the Strait of Magellan. From here you can see the huge glacier Perito Moreno.

Perito Moreno is 250 km2 large and 30 km long. The glacier is extra impressive because the ice mass rarely shrinks. In 2012, however, Perito Moreno shook so violently that significantly large pieces of ice broke off and disappeared in Lago Argentino.

Landidyl by Estancia Nibepo Aike

If you are among the adventurous, then you should meet Adolfo Jansma, the operator behind Estancia Nibepo Aike. He has if any sense of adventure incorporated into the genes. Four generations before him, a Croatian pioneer named Santiago Peso discovered this adventurous country house.

Estancia Nibepo Aike is an idyllic land area where sheep breeding is the family’s primary livelihood, horses graze in the fold and the mountains majestic thrones on the horizon. A few hours here is balm for the soul and it makes every muscle in the body relax.

A day at Enstacia Nibepo Aike could start with a lunch, where the Jansma family happily tells about the area’s history over a piece of grilled lamb that will surely make your tongue run in water. Next, there are all sorts of rural activities to indulge in.

Tango on the square in Bueno Aires

When you visit Argentina’s capital anyway (because you should!), Go tango in the square. It’s the purest Argentine cultural experience you bring home here, because that’s just the way they do, the Argentines. They dance tango in the square and you can join from the sidelines.

Head to Dorrego Square in Bueno Aires’ oldest neighborhood, San Telmo. Join the other tourists at one of the many sidewalk cafes and then enjoy the show. Some days it’s the professional who performs, other times it’s just the locals.

If you are crazy about tango, then prepare yourself to take a swing. As a spectator, you are often invited to dance, where there is an opportunity to try out the beautiful tango steps yourself. If you go to Dorrego Square on Sundays, you can also experience the large Sunday market.

The cemetery, which is almost a city

In Bueno Aires, many things are far from how we know it at home. All in all, you need to be prepared for that feeling when you travel to Argentina. South American culture allows what we curse such as great emotions and clear distinctions between rich and poor.

You will find one of the great culture shocks at the Recoleta cemetery. Rather than small modest plates in the ground, the dead are honored with monuments so enormous that not the wildest imagination can account for it.

When you stroll off the small paths between the mini-houses and the many sculptures, it is almost like moving around a small town. Feel free to take a guided tour of the cemetery – here are endless stories about fantastic destinies – including the one about Evita Peron.

The Argentine wine city

If you only know a little about wine, then the name Mendoza will ring a bell with you. It is the name of the city that forms the heart of the popular Argentine wine culture. Here are a myriad of wineries and visit and many drops of wine that should be tasted.

It is clear that the whole city has devoted itself to representing Argentine wine. In the square, Plaza Espana Square, for example, you will find the finest fountain, where the water is red – of course to symbolize red wine.

In addition to the extremely beautiful wineries, Mendoza also has a lot more to offer. For example, visit the Acuario Municipal de Mendoza – a very small aquarium. Here you can experience the maritime wildlife in a version you probably did not know existed at all.

The waterfalls that separate the countries

On the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, the huge Iguazu waterfalls shower. As a hub for the three South American countries, the 160-200 individual waterfalls culminate in the divinely beautiful “Devil’s Throat”.

The myths of Iguazu likewise have associations with the divine. It sounds like a god was going to marry the beautiful woman Naipí. She ran away with her lover Torobá. The god therefore in rage created the many waterfalls and condemned the couple to an eternal fall.

The Iguazu Falls stretch for a 2.7 km. wide area and can be accessed from both Brazilian and Argentine land. The area is 5 times wider than Niagara Falls and even 16 meters higher than the beautiful Victoria Falls.

Travel types in Argentina

Nature trip in Argentina

On your trip to Argentina you will be confronted with a land of slaraffen and mountainous peaks, icy landscapes and a wildlife that varies from exotic crocodiles to dancing penguins. You can throw yourself on the beach in the north, or walk on glaciers in the south. Argentina has it all.

Cultural journey in Argentina

Your trip to Argentina will bear clear marks of the European cultural heritage on which Argentine society is built. European culture reigns in Argentina as a relic of the Spanish colonial era, although the country’s Latin American roots are not to be mistaken.

Trekking trip in Argentina

The possibilities of putting your feet in motion when trekking are manifold in Argentina. Here you can draw on a glacier such as the perito Moreno, around the area of ​​the Iguazu Falls, and you can even cross the border between Argentina and Chile on foot.

The waterfalls that separate the countries