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The Tatra Mountains bring variety to a holiday in Poland.

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Beautiful Krakow with its surroundings

Poland’s number one travel destination is the country’s former capital, the stunningly beautiful Krakow, whose vast historic center was completely spared the devastation of World War II.

In the heart of the city, the Old Town Square, Stary Rynek is the largest of Europe’s medieval squares. The square is surrounded by numerous high-quality cafés and restaurants. The central building of the square is Verkahalli, which is full of small stalls selling all kinds of antiques to clothes.

In the evenings, Krakow transforms into a real party city for the celebrant, with numerous personal clubs filled with both local young people and tourists from all over the world.

In Kraków, tourists can enjoy themselves for a long time, as the area has excellent excursion possibilities: visit the Auschwitz concentration camp, fall in love with the world-famous salt mines in Wieliczka or go hiking in Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains. According to countryaah, Poland is now a member of European Union.  And Warsaw is the largest city in Poland, according to abbreviationfinder.

Huge Warsaw

The Polish capital, Warsaw, is a controversial but interesting place to visit, where World War II and the era of socialism have left indelible traces.

Today’s Warsaw is the only million city in Poland. In general, the city is a mixture of modern architecture with its skyscrapers, a socialist building stock that is exaggerated in scale, and the old, restored after the war.

In Warsaw, there are plenty of attractions for several days, and it certainly doesn’t end easily. Numerous shopping malls, restaurants and museums keep the tourist busy.

Mandatory attractions in Warsaw include the Palace of Culture with its observation decks, which extends to a height of more than 200 meters, and the rebuilt Old Town, Stare Miasto with its royal castles.

The heart of the coastal triple city of Gdansk

Gdansk is the heart of the triple city on the Polish coast. Other towns in the area are the port city of Gdynia and Sopot, known for its beach and nightlife.

Gdansk is an old port city where you can fly cheaply from Turku. Gdańsk’s tourism has been growing steadily for a long time, and the city, which is bulging with its beautiful historical sights, will certainly not leave the tourist cold.

Gdansk in particular is known for its Hanseatic architecture, and the numerous narrow old streets of the city center with its churches, shops and restaurants invite you to wander and enjoy the authentic Polish atmosphere at its best.

An excellent day trip destination from Gdansk is the small town of Malbork, home to the largest medieval castle of the same name in Europe. The train ride to Malbork takes about an hour.

Charismatic Wroclaw

Wroclaw belonged to Germany for a long time under the name Breslau, and the German handprint is strongly visible in the architecture of the city, among other things.

Today Wroclaw is one of the largest and most spectacular cities in Poland. Wroclaw is full of great historical sights as well as cozy restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.

Wroclaw in particular is known as the city of bridges, as the city is built on numerous islands connected by more than 100 bridges.

Perhaps the most famous single attraction in Wroclaw is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hala Ludowa, built in the early 20th century as a multi-purpose arena of its time, commemorating the wars waged by the Germans against Napoleon.

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Sympathetic to Poznan

Located halfway between Berlin and Warsaw, Poznań is one of the oldest cities in Poland. As a travel destination, Poznan is fascinating with its history and leisure opportunities.

Poznan is home to one of Poland’s most prestigious Adam Mickiewicz Universities, and is known for its lively nightlife and beautiful Old Town and churches.


The UNESCO-listed Malbork Castle is one of the most famous sights in Poland.

The best UNESCO sites

  1. Malbork Castle – Europe’s largest medieval fortress
  2. The medieval city of Torun- the hometown of Copernicus, whose historic center, spared from the ravages of war, is still in its original form
  3. Wielicza Salt Mines – a huge and old salt mine complex near Krakow is spectacularly decorated with works of art made of salt
  4. Renaissance town of Zamosc – a Renaissance town commissioned from Italian architects in the 16th century
  5. Auschwitz Concentration Camp – Near Krakow is the largest concentration camp in Nazi Germany

Taste at least these

  1. Żurek – a sour syrup to be eaten with a boiled egg and white sausage
  2. Kotlet Schabowy – a classic of Polish meals: succulent pork cutlet with potatoes and salad
  3. Pierogit – stuffed dough dumplings, the Polish equivalent of dumplings and the pride of every Polish restaurant
  4. Bigos – sauerkraut-cabbage-meat stew stewed in red wine
  5. Zapiekanka – Polish fast food, baguette half quickly used in the oven and glazed with at least mushrooms and cheese and mayonnaise and / or ketchup

The best drinks

  1. Zubrówka – vodka flavored with bison grass, usually consumed with apple juice
  2. Wódka żołądkowa gorzka – traditional Polish vodka with five different flavors, including mint and honey
  3. Grzane wino – nothing is warmer in winter more comfortably than heated and herb-flavored wine
  4. Grzane piwo – Incredible but true: Poles also drink beer warmed up. Prejudice in the rubbish bin and taste!
  5. Compot – a non-alcoholic berry and fruit drink reminiscent of Finnish juice soup or jelly, which is enjoyed especially during lunch