What does ABQ stand for?

1. Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ)

The Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) is the primary airport serving Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the surrounding region. ABQ offers domestic and international flights, serving millions of passengers each year and facilitating travel and commerce in the area.

2. Airman Basic Qualification (ABQ)

Airman Basic Qualification (ABQ) refers to the basic level of qualification achieved by enlisted personnel in the United States Air Force (USAF). ABQ signifies completion of initial training and readiness for assignment to specific job roles within the Air Force.

3. Airport Business Quarterly (ABQ)

Airport Business Quarterly (ABQ) is a publication or periodical focusing on trends, developments, and best practices in the airport industry. ABQ provides insights and analysis for airport professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders.

4. As-Built Quantity (ABQ)

As-Built Quantity (ABQ) refers to the actual quantity or amount of materials, components, or work completed in a construction project as documented after completion. ABQ is compared to the originally planned quantities to assess project performance and variations.

5. Airman Battle Quartermaster (ABQ)

The Airman Battle Quartermaster (ABQ) is a military occupational specialty (MOS) in the United States Armed Forces responsible for managing and distributing equipment, supplies, and materials to personnel during combat or field operations.

6. Airport Baggage Handling System (ABQ)

The Airport Baggage Handling System (ABQ) is a complex system of conveyor belts, scanners, and sorting mechanisms used in airports to transport passengers’ luggage from check-in areas to aircraft and vice versa. ABQs help streamline baggage handling operations and improve efficiency.

7. Ambiente de Búsqueda de la Calidad (ABQ)

Ambiente de Búsqueda de la Calidad (ABQ) is a Spanish term that translates to “Quality Search Environment.” ABQ refers to a culture or environment within organizations that prioritizes quality management, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

8. Asociación de Bioquímica y Química (ABQ)

Asociación de Bioquímica y Química (ABQ) is a Spanish term for “Association of Biochemistry and Chemistry.” ABQ may refer to a professional association or organization dedicated to the advancement of biochemistry and chemistry disciplines.

9. Animal Behavior Quarterly (ABQ)

Animal Behavior Quarterly (ABQ) is a scientific journal or publication focusing on research and studies related to animal behavior, cognition, and ecology. ABQ publishes articles and papers from researchers and experts in the field of animal behavior.

10. Advisory Board Questionnaire (ABQ)

The Advisory Board Questionnaire (ABQ) is a survey or questionnaire used by organizations to gather feedback, insights, and opinions from advisory board members. ABQs help assess the effectiveness of advisory boards and identify areas for improvement.

Other Meanings of ABQ

Meaning Description
Automatic Brightness Control (ABQ) A feature found in electronic devices that automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on ambient light conditions.
Asociación de Bibliotecas Quechua (ABQ) Spanish for “Association of Quechua Libraries,” possibly referring to an organization promoting Quechua language and culture.
Asociación de Banqueros del Quindío (ABQ) Spanish for “Association of Bankers of Quindío,” representing bankers and financial professionals in the Quindío region of Colombia.
Australian Bookkeepers Association (ABQ) A professional association for bookkeepers in Australia, offering support, training, and advocacy for members.
Alliance for Better Quality (ABQ) A coalition or organization focused on improving quality standards and practices in a particular industry or sector.
Alternative Breaks Program (ABQ) A program offered by educational institutions that allows students to engage in service-learning activities during school breaks.
Advanced Bioinformatics and Genomics (ABQ) Refers to advanced techniques and technologies used in the analysis and interpretation of biological data, particularly genomic data.
American Brahman Quarterly (ABQ) A publication or journal focusing on the Brahman breed of cattle, including articles on breeding, genetics, and husbandry practices.
Asociación de Bienes Raíces de Quebec (ABQ) Spanish for “Quebec Real Estate Association,” representing real estate professionals and industry stakeholders in Quebec, Canada.
Alternative Breaks Quest (ABQ) A program or initiative focused on providing alternative break experiences for students, emphasizing community service and cultural immersion.
Asociación de Bancos de Quiebras (ABQ) Spanish for “Association of Bankrupt Banks,” possibly referring to an organization representing banks undergoing bankruptcy proceedings.
Advanced Biochemistry and Biotechnology (ABQ) Refers to advanced research and developments in the fields of biochemistry and biotechnology, including molecular biology, genetic engineering, and protein science.
Airman Basic Qualifying Examination (ABQ) An examination or assessment administered to Air Force recruits to determine their eligibility and readiness for basic training.
Automatic Brightness Adjustment (ABQ) Similar to automatic brightness control, this feature adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light conditions to enhance user experience and energy efficiency.
Association of British Quraters (ABQ) Potentially a misspelling of “Quarters,” referring to an association related to accommodations or housing in the United Kingdom.
Asociación de Bienes Raíces de Quintana Roo (ABQ) Spanish for “Real Estate Association of Quintana Roo,” representing real estate professionals in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.
Asociación de Botánica y Química (ABQ) Spanish for “Association of Botany and Chemistry,” possibly referring to an interdisciplinary association focusing on botany and chemistry research.
American Baptist Quarterly (ABQ) A publication or journal focusing on topics related to the American Baptist denomination, including theology, missions, and church history.
Asociación de Bandas de Quetzaltenango (ABQ) Spanish for “Association of Bands of Quetzaltenango,” possibly referring to a cultural or musical association in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

These additional meanings of ABQ cover a range of topics and industries, showcasing the versatility of the acronym in various contexts and languages.

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