Scotland Caledonian Canal

Scotland Mountains, Rivers and Lakes

Mountains Ben Nevis The highest mountain in Scotland and Great Britain is Ben Nevis with a height of 1,344 m. It is near Fort William. Due to sudden changes in the weather and the appearance of fog, climbing the summit is certainly associated with dangers. Note If mountains in Scotland are higher than around 914 […]

The waterfalls that separate the countries
Latin America

Places to Visit in Argentina

The huge Perito Moreno Glacier Attending one of the world’s largest ice masses is probably not an experience most people expect to bring home when they travel to Argentina. But it is actually possible. Argentina is an immensely large country, and thus the weather conditions are also extremely variable. While there is sun and summer […]

Solomon Islands Animals
Australia and Oceania

Solomon Islands Animals and Plants

Diverse bird life in the Solomon Islands The bird life on the islands is particularly diverse. 140 different species were counted on site. One example is the collar pigeon, whose blue-gray wreath of feathers around its neck is quite striking. The feathers on the tail are white. This type of pigeon particularly values ​​the tropical […]

Brazil Rural Exodus
Latin America

Brazil Rural Exodus

One of the main causes of the intense urbanization taking place in Brazil is the rural exodus – the transfer of population from the countryside to the cities. A global migratory phenomenon, the rural exodus is a consequence, among other factors, of the implantation of modern capitalist relations in agricultural production, which is led to […]

Turkmenistan vs Germany

Turkmenistan Development Policy

Turkmenistan has so far not played a major role in international development cooperation. The main reason for this is the deep-rooted distrust of the Turkmenistan government towards the interference of international organizations in internal affairs. As a result, very few organizations were active in the country during Niyazov’s presidency. Since President Berdimuhamedov came to power, […]

Rio Grande do Sul Culture
Latin America

Rio Grande do Sul Culture

Cultural entities Among the main educational establishments in Rio Grande do Sul are the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, both in the capital; the University of Passo Fundo (private); the Federal University of Pelotas; the Federal University of Santa Maria; the University of […]

Nammos, Mykonos

The Best Beach Clubs in the World

There’s nothing better than partying under the sun – and where better than in beach clubs? In my article today I will show you some noble locations that attract with a unique atmosphere and a colorful entertainment program. Here come the best beach clubs in the world! Good music, cool drinks and magical sunsets – […]

Patagonia in Chile and Argentina
Latin America

Climate in Chile

The  climate in Chile  is clearly  shaped by the  different climatic zones . Due to Chile’s extraordinary length, the climate changes from very little precipitation in the north to the rain-rich south. The seasons are opposite to those in Europe as Chile is in the southern hemisphere. In general, January and February are considered the warmest months in Chile. On the other hand, it gets […]

Madeira Sights
Africa Europe

Best Travel Time for Madeira

Climate in Madeira Madeira, the enchanting Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean, has mild temperatures all year round . In the coldest months of January and February you can expect average daily temperatures of around 19 degrees Celsius. In August and September the thermometer rises to an average of 26 degrees Celsius. The temperature fluctuations […]

When is the dry season in Miami
North America

Climate in Miami

Climate table for Miami Jan Feb March Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Max. Temperature in ° C 24 25 26 28 30 31 32 33 32 30 27 25 Min. Temperature in ° C 15 15 18 19 22 23 25 25 24 22 19 16 Hours of sunshine per day […]

Japan Attractions 3

Climate in Japan

Japan has six different climatic regions . These include Hokkaido, the west coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, the Central Highlands, the Seto Inland Sea, the Pacific region and the Ryukyu Islands. The climate is influenced by the rainy season Tsuyu , also known as the “plum rain “, in the summer months. During this […]

Finland Travel Information

Finland Travel Information

Finland, as the land of 1,000 lakes, is a popular travel destination, especially for nature vacationers, but the capital Helsinki, with around 600,000 residents, is also worth a visit. Our Finland travel offers make you want more – discover the adventurous sides of the northern European country listed on countryaah. With our tips and advice […]

Poland 8

Poland Destinations

The Tatra Mountains bring variety to a holiday in Poland. Beautiful Krakow with its surroundings Poland’s number one travel destination is the country’s former capital, the stunningly beautiful Krakow, whose vast historic center was completely spared the devastation of World War II. In the heart of the city, the Old Town Square, Stary Rynek is […]


Hungary As a Tourist Country

Hungary – a land of experiences Due to its central location, Hungary has embraced many influences from all over Europe and has a great past behind it as part of the Kingdom of the Habsburgs. Environmental minority groups, Italian merchants, and Turkish conquerors, among others, have all left their mark on Hungarian culture. According to countryaah, […]

North America

Cuba As a Tourism Country

Cuba is known for cigars, Che Guevara and socialism. However, the best things for the tourist are the long paradise beaches, unique diving sites and memorable landscapes. Cuba from Columbus to Castro Cuba rose to the consciousness of Western man after Christopher Columbus landed on the island on his first trip to America. We lived in […]

Chile charms with its versatility
Latin America

Chile As a Destination Country

There is something for everyone in Chile, as the country hides stunning nature, beautiful beaches and fascinating cities. Read the tips for your holiday in the Beach Ball Destination Guide! Chile charms with its versatility Chile is a great backpacker and self-catering destination that takes time to show off all its wonders. The biggest challenge […]

Malawi 2

Malawi Travel Package

Short for MW by abbreviationfinder, Malawi is affectionately known as the “Warm Heart of Africa”, for its beautiful natural scenery and its hospitable and friendly people. Sun and swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the heart of Africa. For most people, Malawi is an unknown destination, but those who find it here will find a paradise […]

Guatemala - The heart of the Mayan Empire
North America

Guatemala – The Heart of the Mayan Empire

Yes this is it! It feels a bit like “Indiana Jones” in South America when you travel around Guatemala short for GTM by abbreviationfinder. Here are fantastic antiquities from the ancient Mayan kingdom. Discover a varied and exciting nature with rainforest, volcanoes, beautiful lakes and huge ruins from the Mayan period. In the middle of […]

India - For All Senses 2

India Travel Package

The Jungle Book, The Phantom, Bollywood, colorful, spicy, populous, culture and nature beyond the ordinary. Much can be said about India and the best thing is to experience it for yourself. Feel the temperature difference from southern India to the north with Delhi and even further north out the southern border of the Himalayas. The […]



You can visit Chernobyl on a guided tour. Reactor number four The explosive reactor that caused the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant can be seen from the nearest distance of about a hundred meters. On top of the reactor is a 108-meter-high, ice rink-like shell, completed in 2016, which is scheduled to last […]


Transylvania Travel Guide

Exciting Transylvania is the most interesting travel destination in Romania. The rugged nature of Transylvania, the bustling cities and the peace of the countryside create the perfect setting for a backpacking or car holiday. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday! You should experience Transylvania before others The Romanian region of Transylvania is located […]